The meaning of “pretty”


Adjective: attractive in a delicate way without being beautiful.

ej: Will I be pretty when I grow up mommy?

Adverb: To a moderately high degree. (synonyms – quite, rather, enough, fairly, plenty, sufficiently)

ej: He looks pretty good for his age.

What defines our idea of “pretty?”

Are there specific characteristics that most all societies deem pretty? For example, big eyes?

Are there characteristics that, based on the society we live in, are considered ugly?

How are WE defined by the use of this word?

Watch the video below and see how one woman views this word. Do you agree?

One thought on “The meaning of “pretty”

  1. The video is really interestingly…I had alwasys use the word pretty for things that you can see or listen, but not for things that you can’ perceive, such as inteligence. I think my idea of pretty is the same that the society impose….you are pretty if you are thin, tall and your face had delicate “rasgos”….thus I don’t think that I am pretty, but also not ugly….just normal…
    I agree with the woman at the video that there are more important things that make you a pretty person…Now, I learn another meaning of “pretty”…

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