What do you suppose it means to be brave?

Can you tell me of a time when you feel/felt brave?

How does the meaning of courageous compare to the meaning of brave? Are they similar?

Watch the video below


How did the song make you feel?

Who do you think the song is written about?

What do you think the words outcast and backlash mean?

What do you suppose the phrase “bow down” means?

If I tell you to “stop holding your tongue,” what am I telling you to do?



Slang – The Secret Language

We started talking about slang the other day and what many people do not know is the very word slang encompasses 2 other words: Secret and Language, and was born as a code way of communicating between criminals and street people.

But SLang is a difficult thing to talk about as it is very much dependent on geography and time.

I am leaving you with a short video from 1951 that was written by Tex Avery. You will hear many many idioms and phrases as well as slang words.

How many have you heard used before?

Make a list and let’s talk about the ones that are still in use and the ones that aren’t. Why do you think some are still in use while others aren’t?

Click here to see the video

Giving a Speech

This is an article written my Mitch Albom, a journalist from the United States. I recommend you read it and take note of the way he uses adjectives as well as his use of conditionals. It is based on an idea that very few politicians seem to deem as important these days: Continue reading