The meaning of “pretty”


Adjective: attractive in a delicate way without being beautiful.

ej: Will I be pretty when I grow up mommy?

Adverb: To a moderately high degree. (synonyms – quite, rather, enough, fairly, plenty, sufficiently)

ej: He looks pretty good for his age.

What defines our idea of “pretty?”

Are there specific characteristics that most all societies deem pretty? For example, big eyes?

Are there characteristics that, based on the society we live in, are considered ugly?

How are WE defined by the use of this word?

Watch the video below and see how one woman views this word. Do you agree?


Has anything ever happened to you that seems unbelievable, incredible and maybe even the work of a mystical magician?

Something that is so strange or so coincidental that there is no easy way to explain what happened?

Some people say, there is no such thing as coincidence, that we are all part of a bigger picture – destiny perhaps,

and others, more logically base their argument on probability.

Either way, I am leaving you here an episode of my favorite radio show:

This American Life is a weekly radio show airing a new topic each week.  This week’s topic: Coincidences.

While you listen to the show, take note of the coincidences that seem to be the most incredible.

Have you ever experienced anything similar?

Tell me about it!