Past Simple

Learning and practicing the simple past can be easy if you do it in context.

Remember – to form the past for regular verbs all you need to do is add “d” to verbs ending in “e” or “ed” to verbs ending with any other letter.

Of course, in the case of irregular verbs, there is no good way to learn them other than by memory!

Here is a list of irregular verbs – I highly recommend that you do NOT try to memorize all of the verbs at the same time, but rather choose 2 or 3 per day. 

Then, to practice what you are learning, you can write simple anecdotes about things in the past.

A trip

A scary moment

A happy moment

You last birthday party

A dream you had

Here is a great example!

A lost tradition?

When we talk about art. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Well, you may not have thought about letter writing as an “art” but this woman has, and she couldn’t have possibly put my feelings into better words.

Something, thought to be misplaced by the coming of technology, has turned into something so much more profound – perhaps even a sacred, and yes, Art.